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Synonyms / Brand Names:

Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]

Dosing and Administration

FDA Package Insert Resources
Indications, Contraindications, Side Effects, Drug Interactions, etc.

Calculate Creatine Clearance
On line calculator of your patients Cr Cl by a variety of formulas.

Convert pounds to Kilograms
On line calculator of your patients weight in pounds to Kg for dosing estimates.

Publication Resources
Recent articles, WikiDoc State of the Art Review, Textbook Information

Trial Resources
Ongoing Trials, Trial Results

Guidelines & Evidence Based Medicine Resources
US National Guidelines, Cochrane Collaboration, etc.

Media Resources
Slides, Video, Images, MP3, Podcasts, etc.

Patient Resources
Discussion Groups, Handouts, Blogs, News, etc.

International Resources
en Español

FDA Package Insert Resources



Side Effects

Drug Interactions



Instructions for Administration

How Supplied

Pharmacokinetics and Molecular Data

FDA label

FDA on Cocaine

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Publication Resources

Most Recent Articles on Cocaine

Review Articles on Cocaine

Articles on Cocaine in N Eng J Med, Lancet, BMJ

WikiDoc State of the Art Review

Textbook Information on Cocaine

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Trial Resources

Ongoing Trials with Cocaine at Clinical

Trial Results with Cocaine

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Guidelines & Evidence Based Medicine Resources

US National Guidelines Clearinghouse on Cocaine

Cochrane Collaboration on Cocaine

Cost Effectiveness of Cocaine

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Media Resources

Powerpoint Slides on Cocaine

Images of Cocaine

Podcasts & MP3s on Cocaine

Videos on Cocaine

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Patient Resources

Patient Information from National Library of Medicine

Patient Resources on Cocaine

Discussion Groups on Cocaine

Patient Handouts on Cocaine

Blogs on Cocaine

Cocaine in the News

Cocaine in the Marketplace

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International Resources

Cocaine en Español

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Adapted from the FDA Package Insert.


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